At present there is a massive demand for IT contractors in a number of sectors and at the same time a distinct lack of skilled individuals.

Opportunities lie within Big Data and how it can be leveraged for an organization’s needs. There is a colossal absence of individuals with the relevant skills to manipulate Big Data. Almost 60% of organization’s feel they are missing the skill set required to use their customer data in an effective and positive way.

The general feeling among businesses is that their growth could be dramatically improved if they were able to harness their data.

EMC conducted a Big Data league table analyzing how Big Data would affect different sectors.

Findings suggested that banks and financial institutions have the biggest difficulties when it comes to Big Data. They have the lowest score for skills and leadership on the league table. There have been a lot of recent regulatory issues surrounding this sector meaning that that the use of data has been heavily scrutinized with several compliance measures being put in place.

The Public sector and IT sector are much lower down the EMC league table. The lack of funding has resulted in fewer opportunities to hire costly IT professionals in the public sector. To get around this they are looking at reskilling existing staff, keeping costs low. The IT and Telco sector has a different approach to hiring IT professionals. They are hiring a greater percentage of IT workers than the public sector but their Big Data can’t be utilized for growth in the same way as other sectors.

In contrast the retail sector looks like it has the potential to benefit the most from Big Data. It has the highest score for infrastructure on EMC’s league table. The retail sector has the biggest gap in the market for IT contractors and in turn the most opportunities. They are desperate to hire Big Data workers and have even resorted to offering data science apprenticeships because of a lack of available talent.