There’s no doubt about it. The key to really falling in love with what you do, is to be yourself and stay loyal to it. As Sebastyne Young once wrote ‘extraordinary people rarely fit in’, which is something every freelancer should remember. Here are our top 5 tips that’ll encourage you to stand out from the crowd and help success find you.

    • Planning is key
      Sadly, daydreaming does not constitute adequate planning. Knowing how you’ll spend your first day as a freelancer is just as important as knowing how you’ll spend your 29th, therefore dedicating some time to getting all your goals, timelines, and deadlines down on paper is worth its weight in gold. Even if you don’t stick to the plan, having it there will help keep your mind, productivity, and tasks on track – and it makes for an organised workspace, especially if you’re the messy-creative type.
      Give some thought to creating a personal business/finance plan at the same time, as being aware of your financial requirements and commitments will help you stay on top of them.


    • Get in touch with everyone you know
      In a world where social media is king, it’s never been easier to reach your contacts, make new connections, and stay connected with the people in your network. It’s also a great place to allay any fears you have when starting out. Asking your network questions like: how much should I charge? How easy is it to secure a contract? could help dispel those initial nerves, leaving you feeling more confident and positive about your new venture.Sending out a personal email to valuable contacts before making the jump to freelancing is an especially good idea. You don’t want to quit full-time employment, only to find you’re out of work for the next two months. Make potential clients aware 30 to 60 days in advance that you’re available to take on projects from the get-go, and you’ll have plenty of time to nurture any opportunities that come your way, without losing precious time or money. Keep every door open. Focus on gaining experience, receiving referrals, and making new contacts at first, as together they’ll make up that glittering portfolio.


    • Recognise your weaknesses…
      …and turn them into your strengths in four easy, habit-forming steps:- Stay attentive to your work.
      – Avoid repeating past mistakes.
      – Examine your work with a critical eye.
      – Welcome constructive criticism with a smile.Tackling your weaknesses head on, rather than avoiding them, will improve your output and productivity exponentially. The better your skills, the better your work – and the secret to securing that client in the future? Providing them with a finished product that cannot be beaten.


    • Don’t underestimate the power of your brand
      As a freelancer, you are your brand, so it’s vital that the impression you give matches up with the one being received. One way of doing this is to make sure the content you post about yourself online is consistent and representative of the services you’re selling. Another way is to invest in some high-quality branding materials like business cards or flyers, and pass them around like hot cakes at networking events. Keep the pertinent information about yourself fresh, snappy, and interesting. Be the person who’s easy to remember, easy to reach, and easy to approach, as people are reluctant to invest in those they dislike.


  • Know who you’re up against
    Researching the competition is time well spent. Find out who the freelancing veterans are in your industry and look at what they have to offer. Check out their websites, online materials, social media presence, clients, blog – anything you can that’ll help you to build your own solid foundations. If you don’t have a mentor helping you out in the initial stages, it’s worth doing your homework and learning from those who have already made it. Remember: picking up a trick or two from successful competitors will set you on a good path, but what’ll really sell your services to the client is you.


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