Time to plan ahead

For everyone who has filed their self-assessment tax return on time, now is the best time to plan ahead before the 2015/2016 tax year, which commences in a couple of months’ time.*

Please refer to our previous blog posts for some useful information on the changes after 5 April 2016. We regularly post articles in our Blog providing updates on the latest legislation. For example:

Changes in dividend tax – is it worth taking more dividends out before April 2016?advice to help you get prepared for the new tax year.

The Autumn Statement – how are contractors affected?the impact that the Autumn Statement 2015 will have on contractors.

Company distributions – information on closing down and coming to the end of a contract, from one of our partners.

*Please contact our accountants for more information, as there are many significant changes and proposals from HMRC in the next tax year.

Late self-assessment tax returns

If you have not yet filed your self-assessment tax return for the tax year ending 5 April, you could have already incurred a £100 late filing penalty.

Please act immediately, as further delay can result in substantial fines, including daily penalties:

Late penalties - self-assessment tax return
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