As a K&B Accountancy client, you will be familiar with FreeAgent’s cloud-based accounting software which has been specifically designed for both contractors and small businesses. If you are regularly travelling and don’t always have access to your desktop, then the FreeAgent mobile app is a handy must have! You can see an overview of your business finances or immediately deal with issues that need your urgent attention such as overdue invoices. With the refresh of the FreeAgent mobile app along with some new changes, notably the new navigation bar, we’ve compiled a list of the top features of financial management with FreeAgent for you below:

  • View your bank statements

View all of your bank balances and statements on the go with the mobile app and easily explain your transactions to track cash flow.

  • Create and send invoices

The FreeAgent mobile app allows you to create, edit and send invoices from scratch. You can also bill for your project timeslips, expenses and estimates.

  • Capture and create expenses

Quickly create new expenses on the go – save time by capturing photos of your receipts instantly. As with the desktop version, you have the same options including choosing a category for each expense.

  • Tax Timeline and notifications

Whilst your dedicated accountant will always remind you of any upcoming tax deadlines, the Tax Timeline feature on the mobile app allows you to stay in the loop and view all of the upcoming tax deadlines.

  • Profit and Loss

View your year-to-date income including the running costs for your business on the Profit and Loss screen. Additionally, you can see your operating and retained profit (or losses) for the year, including your distributable profits, so it is easier to view how much you can safely take out of the business.

  • Cash flow

There is also a new cash flow screen which displays the total money coming in and out across all of your bank accounts in FreeAgent. With the cash flow chart, you can choose to look back with three, six or nine-month views and even highlight specific months for more detail.

  • Dropbox, iCloud and Drive integration

The FreeAgent mobile app can be integrated with Dropbox, iCloud and Google Drive – you can efficiently create an expense or explain a bank transaction. Use the ‘Attach File’ option to upload a file that is stored in one of these storage apps. Different file types can be uploaded including image, PDFs, Word and Excel – just make sure that they are under 5MB!

  • Security

Are you concerned about the safety and privacy of your data? One of FreeAgent’s cool features includes the ability to login to your FreeAgent app using your fingerprint! This feature is available for all iPhone 5S (and above) iOS devices and all Android 6.0 devices with fingerprint readers.

  • Track time on-the-go

The timer – A recent feature helpful for when you are going into meetings and wish to track the time spent on your meetings. All you need to do is start the timer in the FreeAgent mobile app for the length of the meeting to be recorded, and then stop it when you are done. There is also no limit to how many timeslips you can create.

All K&B Accountancy Group clients on a monthly package have access to their own FreeAgent portal. If you haven’t already, download the FreeAgent mobile app now to have your financial information at your fingertips.