Feeling the slump of January blues after a busy and exciting festive break? Don’t worry you’re not the only one! Why not enjoy a little retail therapy with our list of top gadgets for contractors that can be used for both leisure time and work time. These gadgets can inject a bit of fun and enthusiasm to your daily routine (much like getting new stationery as a child for the new school year) as well as genuinely help to enhance your productivity while working. In the modern business world, most of us undeniably rely heavily on technology to get our work done. So why not get a gadget or two that could really help improve your productivity. When working as a contractor, it’s even more crucial to work efficiently to maintain a competitive edge. That’s where innovative technology comes in, to propel your business to new heights.


  1. Tablet

The lightweight and portable nature of a tablet is ideal for contractors on the go. They can easily be slipped into any bag and carried around throughout the day without weighing you down. As a result, they’re very practical for keeping all your important information in one place. Whether you need to quickly pull up some information, take down notes in a meeting, or access something on the cloud. They can truly enhance your day-to-day work life.


  1. Portable charger for gadgets

Unfortunately, with any great technological advancements, there are usually some issues. One of which is the worry that your tablet or smartphone battery could go flat when you need it most. This is why a portable charger is so important. Even if you choose not to invest in a tablet, a power charger can still be very useful for a smartphone or any other re-chargeable gadgets, keeping your mind at ease that it will last the whole day if you are out and about.


  1. Noise cancelling headphones

For those who like to drown out any noise from the outside world to help them stay focused on a task, noise-cancelling headphones are a great option. Without the distractions of a noisy public space or the bustle of a busy home, noise-cancelling headphones can make your working day much more productive.


  1. Your own personal assistant

If you find yourself juggling a hundred different things, why not invest in a voice-controlled speaker like the Amazon Echo or Google Home. These gadgets can essentially act like a PA, helping you to multitask and organise your day-to-day activities. To name just a few benefits: they can add meetings and events to your diary, make calls for you, read your schedule back to you and inform you of any current commuting delays. Overall they simply make your day run more smoothly.


  1. USB mug warmer

It may seem like a silly, small gift but a USB mug warmer can actually be really useful when on a tight deadline and you need a caffeine boost. Instead of constantly returning to the kitchen to re-make your tea or coffee that has gone cold, a USB mug warmer can keep your drink warm to help you avoid needless distractions that break your workflow and concentration.


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