It is important to know the difference between pushing yourself to be the best you can be and pushing yourself to the point of a burnout. As a continuation of our contractor wellbeing series, this week we will talk about the importance of getting away and why travel is crucial for life as a contractor.

Taking time off is essential to help you reboot and recharge your batteries. While introducing self-care habits into your daily routine is excellent in reducing daily stress and enhancing productivity, sometimes you need to experience a physical change to truly detach yourself from your daily life and give yourself time to rest. That’s where travel comes in. As a contractor, having more control of your time and having the opportunity to work remotely, can make you forget your need to take time-off and getaway. So we wanted to highlight just some of the benefits travel has for your wellbeing.


You get a break

Probably the most obvious reason that travel is great for your wellbeing is that you get to take a break from the daily stresses of life. It gives you the chance to break away from the normal 9-5 routine, and enjoy some ‘you’ time. What’s more, travel helps those who feel like they’re stuck in a rut to physically uproot themselves and experience life from a new perspective


It gives you something to look forward to

Studies have shown that having a holiday to look forward to greatly increases happiness and feelings of positivity. Researchers at the University of Surrey in the UK conducted a study in 2002 and found that people are happiest when they have a trip coming up.


It helps you manage your emotions

A survey by the American Psychological Association in 2013 revealed a trip away can help manage stress and negative emotions by removing us from environments and activities that are the sources of our stress.


Staying by the sea is said to improve wellbeing

Research has shown that people who live near a coast are happier. So for those of us city-dwellers who don’t have the good fortune of living near the sea, taking a trip where you’re by the coast can help boost your wellbeing.


It helps you socialise

Travelling is a great way to meet new people. Human beings are social creatures, so interactions with others are vital. For contractors who might not get to socialise or integrate themselves into a work culture as easily as permanent employees, travelling is a great way to widen your social horizons.


You get to experience new things

Going away gives you the opportunity to experience different cultures, taste new foods and even learn something new – and developing new skills has been said to increase happiness and wellbeing. People thrive on new experiences and travelling offers this wholly.


You do more exercise

When you’re away, you arguably do more exercise without even noticing. Particularly, if you live a sedentary lifestyle, when you’re away you tend to move more than you would at home; whether it’s through swimming, taking long walks or hikes for sight-seeing or trying new sports like surfing, snorkelling or scuba diving. It is common knowledge that exercise is great for your physical and mental health, so of course, combining this with being away is always a great boost for your wellbeing.


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