Did you know, if you switch to our Umbrella, you can continue to contribute to your personal pension scheme or SIPP?  That means you can use our Umbrella without having to change any of the plans you’ve made for your retirement.  


  • Continue to make your chosen level of contribution to your current personal pension scheme.
  • We administer the payments to your nominated pension provider. As long as they can accept direct debit arrangements – most do – we can contribute and it won’t cost you anything.


Pension provision is, of course, an important matter to all our clients, but particularly those who are looking to switch to Umbrella as a result of IR35 reforms. That’s why our service is designed to support your current pension plans – all you have to do is register, tell us who your pension provider is and how much you want to contribute.


If you have any questions, please do get in touch.  When considering your pension plans in relation to Umbrella contracting, it may be helpful to be aware that:


  • Most Umbrella companies will offer to enrol you into their workplace pension scheme under auto-enrolment, this is their minimum legal obligation to you as your employer.
  • Other Umbrella companies will offer to accommodate a private pension scheme, but not provide scope for you to choose the pension provider.
  • Some will offer salary sacrifice arrangements through a private pension or SIPP of your choosing but will then increase their profit margin.


We will, of course, offer to enrol you under our company pension scheme through auto-enrolment, and we are also happy to accommodate most private pension scheme arrangements or SIPP, without changing our margins.


How it works

Set up is simple, just call us to set up with one of our advisors. Even if you’re not ready to switch to Umbrella yet, you can do this now at no cost, so you’re all set for when you need to start using our Umbrella, provided by our parent company, JSA.


Other benefits of our Umbrella service include:

  • Toggle between Umbrella and PSC contracting, if that’s the right approach for you
  • Full employment rights as an Umbrella employee;
  • Access to our online portal, where you can view payslips, input timesheets and have full control of your employment information.
  • Comprehensive contractor insurance package – £5 million Professional Indemnity, £5 million Public Liability, and £10 million Employers liability.


Register now or find out more  about our FCSA-accredited Umbrella solution.